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Appearance & Sanitation Code

  1. Report a Code Complaint

    This form is to report a violation with the Appearance & Sanitation Code (ie: lawn maintenance, disabled vehicles, non upkeep of a... More…

Public Works

  1. Additional Green Household Roll-Cart Order Form

    Max number of green household roll carts is two.

  2. Brown Yard Debris Roll-Cart Order Form

    All Sales Are Final - No Refunds or Exchanges - No Exceptions

  3. Potholes Complaint Form
  4. Traffic Signals / Street Lights Complaint Form
  1. Application for Side Door Household Pick Up

    This application is for senior citizens 65 years or older and for handicapped citizens that are unable to get their green roll cart... More…

  2. Bulk Item Pickup Request
  3. Street Sign Complaint Form
  4. Trash Complaint Form