Emergency Weather

Severe weather often causes damage to homes and neighborhoods. However, by maintaining certain areas of your home and yard, you can protect yourself and your property against this damage.

Monitor & Maintain Your Home Drainage Systems
The land surrounding your home is graded to slope away from your house. Your roof is equipped with downspouts and gutters for adequate drainage. If you maintain this system, you can protect your home from water damage and flooding.
  • Make sure your drainage system directs water away from your foundation and not onto your neighbor’s property
  • Clean your gutters and downspouts
  • Monitor buildup in you gutter system - just one rainstorm can clog a well-flowing drainage system
Prevent Neighborhood Drainage Problems
  • Never block any part of the city’s drainage system
  • Do not put leaves, dirt, grass clippings, or any materials in ditches and drains. This causes flooding
  • It is against the law to dump the following into the drainage system:
    • Wastewater containing animal fat, oil, or grease in excess of 100 mg/1
    • Garbage
    • Gasoline or other petroleum products
    • Machine oil (car or lawnmower)
    • Cleaning products
To report illegal dumping, call Berkeley County Water and Sanitation at 843-572-4400.

Sewer Backups
If there is a heavy storm and sewage backs up through sinks or toilets, call Berkeley County Water and Sanitation at 843-572-4400. County workers will check and remove blockages in the main sewer line. If the problem is the result of too much storm water in the system, you may have to wait until the storm has subsided to resolve the backup.

Prevent Serious Health Problems from a Sewer Backup
  • Turn off power to eliminate electrical hazards
  • Keep children and pets away from the area
  • Use rubber gloves and disinfectants to thoroughly clean the contaminated area
  • Discard saturated wall-to-wall carpet and padding
  • Clean all hard surfaces with hot water and soap and rinse with a bleach solution (one tablespoon of household bleach to one gallon of water)