Executive Support

Information Gathering & Review

Executive Support is provided to the police department and citizenry by the Assistant Chief of Police and Professional Standards Lieutenant.  Executive Support provides the means for independent review of department functions and well-researched, accurate, and impartial information about department functions to the chief of police. Those functions include: 

Internal Affairs (IA) Investigations

Investigations of a serious nature are investigated by this function while minor allegations are investigated by supervisors.  View the 2017 Internal Investigations Statistical Summary.


Maintenance of the Personnel Early Warning System (PEWS) is a method by which the department proactively monitors the behavior of officers and promotes early intervention for potentially negative behaviors prior to the results of those behaviors bringing about serious consequences. The focus of PEWS is to redirect employee behavior through non-punitive measures when appropriate.

International Accreditation

The department is internationally accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. (CALEA). The department is assessed by representatives of CALEA every three years to verify the department's compliance with the requirements set forth by the commission for re-accreditation.

Agency Grants

State and federal grants are often sought to assist the department in initiating community services or crime fighting initiatives that might not otherwise be available due to limiting funding.

Public Information

The Assistant Chief of Police acts as a liaison with local media and the city's public information officer to provide timely and accurate information on department activities, crime trends, and public safety issues.

Staff Inspections & Evidence Audits

This function may attend staff inspections as an independent reviewer and/or conduct audits (announced and unannounced) of the evidence locker at the direction of the chief of police.

Background Investigations

All pre-employment background investigations and polygraph examinations are conducted by the Professional Standards Lieutenant.

Data Collection & Analysis

This function collects key factors from all vehicle pursuit and use of force incidents for analyzation and publishing in their respective annual reviews and compiles the agency's annual budgets and reports.