Traffic Team

Staffing & Schedule
The traffic safety unit consists of seven officers to include a lieutenant (team supervisor), a sergeant (assistant team supervisor), and five officers. The traffic safety unit works independently of the patrol teams at times, days, and locations where traffic collision analysis has identified a problem.

Traffic safety officers conduct various education programs in public forums and in schools, and cooperate with state-initiated programs such as Sober or Slammer and statewide seatbelt and child restraint initiatives. Traffic safety officers use a variety of electronic speed detection devices to include both hand-held and vehicle mounted RADAR units as well as LIDAR (laser).


The traffic safety unit is responsible for deployment and maintenance of the department’s RADAR display trailer that can be seen throughout the city at various locations. Traffic safety officers conduct traffic studies at particular locations where complaints of unlawful and/or unsafe traffic patterns have been reported and formulate effective, analysis-based enforcement responses to address the particular situation.

The traffic safety unit is responsible for responding to and investigating all fatal traffic collisions that occur within the city, and for consultation on difficult or involved traffic collisions investigated by patrol officers.

The objective of the traffic safety unit is to reduce the occurrence of traffic collisions and the severity of injuries sustained in those collisions that cannot be prevented by way of strict, fair, and impartial enforcement and through various public education initiatives.