Field Services

First Responders
The uniformed police officer is the most visible part of the police department and is the first responder to a variety of situations where the police department is called upon for information, assistance, or intervention.
Staffing & Coverage
The uniformed police officer is often the factor whereby our entire agency is perceived by the citizenry due to their daily efforts within the community in marked vehicles wearing easily identifiable uniforms. The Field Services Division consists of 41 patrol officers dedicated to providing 24/7 coverage of the city, 365 days per year.
Patrol Bureau
The Patrol Bureau is subdivided into four teams, Patrol Teams 2, 3, and 4, the Traffic Safety Unit (Team 5), and the Strategically Assigned Officer (SAO) Unit. Each of the three patrol teams consists of 13 officers to include a lieutenant (team supervisor), 2 sergeants (assistant team supervisors), and 10 patrol officers.

Patrol Squad Responsibilities
Each patrol team is divided into two squads and work opposite each other, with rotating days off. Patrol officers are responsible for answering calls for service, investigating criminal activity, and for the prevention of crime by way of proactive patrols and daily citizen interaction.

Community Oriented Policing
As a true “community oriented policing” agency, our patrol officers and specialized functions work diligently to build trust-based relationships with every citizen they encounter. Every call is important to our agency and the men and women in uniform stand ready to assist you in any way possible, any day or night of the week and on holidays.Burea