Support Services


The mission of the Support Services Division is to provide sworn and civilian support services that augment the Field Service Bureau's first responders. 



Criminal Investigations Bureau (CIB)

Seven investigators handle cases that require specialized investigative skills or greater available time than the first responders are able to accommodate.  

Special Services Bureau

Special Services includes two school resource officers, two animal control officers (civilian function), and supervision of our law enforcement explorer post.

Crime Scene & Evidence Unit

Two civilian crime scene/evidence technicians are responsible for the processing of crime scenes, collecting and processing evidence, and the storage and security of evidence. 

Victim Advocate

In addition to acting as the liaison between the victim and Police Department, the victim advocate assists victims of crime with funding resources, counseling referrals, emergency lodging and court advocacy. The Victim Advocate can be reached at 843-863-5200, ext. 2340.