Family Safety

Alarming Statistics
  • Children of all ages set over 100,00 fires annually. Approximately 20,000 of those fires are set in homes
  • Children make up 20% of all fire deaths
  • More than 30% of the fires that kill children are set by children playing with fire
  • At home, children usually play with fire in bedrooms, in closets, and under beds. In these “secret” places, there are a lot of things that catch fire easily
  • Too often, child fire-setters are not given proper guidance and supervision by parents and teachers. Consequently, they repeat their fire-setting behavior
Practice Fire Safety in Your Home
  • Keep matches and lighters in a secured drawer or cabinet
  • Have your children tell you when they find matches and lighters
  • Teach children the nature of fire - Fast, hot, dark, and deadly
Prepare for a Fire
  • If smoke alarms are not already in place, install them outside each sleep area and on each additional level of your home in accordance with local codes
  • Draw a floor plan of your home and mark two fire escape routes for each room
  • Consider escape ladders for sleeping areas on the second or third floors
  • Burglar bars and locks that block outside window entry must be easy to open from the inside
  • Select a safe meeting place for everyone to meet after escaping a fire
  • Conduct a home fire drill at least twice a year with all members of the household
  • Practice alerting other household members of a fire
  • Practice a crawl-low escape from your bedroom, as if you were crawling under a layer of smoke
  • Practice evacuating blindfolded. The amount of smoke generated by a fire will most likely make it impossible to see
  • Teach your family to get out first, then call 911 from another location
  • Practice evacuating during the day and night time